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Is your business too big to rely on the once-a-year services of a local accountancy practice, but too small to justify employing full time Finance Managers? Fed up of paying your accountant a three-figure sum per hour for results which don't add value? Don't want to pay extortionate employment agency rates for interim people?

Welcome to Weekly FD. We are a new type of finance business, sitting midway between an Accountancy Practice and a Recruitment Agency.

We provide targeted, relevant support when we are at your premises, and are available on the telephone to give business advice on any relevant topic when we are not.

If your business is based in or near Yorkshire, then you need to talk to us.

Who is your most profitable customer? What is a realistic and feasible growth strategy for your business? What systems could save you time and money? Who is the best person to speak on your behalf with your auditors, solicitors and bankers? What is the best way to recruit a new member of staff? "Can I just ask a quick question about....?" All these questions and many more will be answered by your experienced professional advisor from Weekly FD 2016 Ltd

To have got where you are today, you are obviously good at whatever your particular role is within your own business. Often, to go further you need a skilled, varied team to support your strategy. We can be part of your team. Our clients typically have an advisor at their offices once a twice a week (or once a fortnight if preferred) together with telephone or email contact as appropriate in between. Our policy is not to charge for quick telephone calls or emails in between visits.

Our team members are experienced in many industries (and can easily pick up the nomenclature of a new one), however for information on industries where we have significant skills and experience to offer, please click one of the tabs

You will receive contact from an appropriate professional who can offer assistance to the business.

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